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Co Brand Partners

About Us

Co Brand Partners is a brand partner and investment company that not only invests in brands, but also provides tools and access to markets and distribution channels to fast-track success.

Co Brand Partners is backed by FCP Investments, an international venture capital firm that has over 15 years’ experience of investing in the consumer-sector and an extensive presence in Asia and the U.S, with a particular interest and deep access to China. 

Co Brand Partners not only provides monetary guidance but also strategic guidance as well, supported by its international market and sector knowledge, helping to reduce risk and fast track growth. 

Our Approach

Co Brand Partners looks to work with consumer brands that are looking to grow or re-position themselves to take advantage of the social or geographical growth opportunities that Co Brand Partners provides. 

Co Brand Partners has access to multiple online and offline sales channels, assisting with everything from manufacturing and marketing to sales and distribution logistics, with connections in many aspects of retailing. 

Co Brand Partners looks to invest in and work with brands to understand their structure, strategy and values in order to determine how it can fast track growth and maximize shareholder value. 

We focus not on how big the brand, but how big the opportunity, and look for brands that have passionate people behind them.

Our Philosophy

Co Brand Partners understands consumer trends and looks for brands that match these trends and are able to adapt changes in consumer behavior. 

Our Investments 

Co Brand Partners is currently reviewing a number of brand investments and partnership opportunities, including co-investing in platforms to help grow our partner brands.

Ecom Products Group:

EPG is an international markets entry solutions company which fully owns various e-commerce platforms, supported by access to millions of consumers’ data to drive sales. 

Co Brand Partners alignment with EPG provides Co Brand Partners with a strategic value to its brand partners, and will allow for marketing, sales and distribution services for partnered brands to maximize value. 


Mr Smith:

Mr Smith is an international lifestyle brand which deals with high-end luxury products, from Champagne to cufflinks to watches. The brand is already a well established wine label and is now working with Co Brand Partners to reposition itself for the international luxury market.


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